Stay safe

Hello all,

Like artists everywhere the Flynns have cancelled all upcoming events due to the Corona virus. With everyone doing there part we will get through this. The Flynns hope to see you all again as soon as it is safe.

The Flynns

Open Mic 2020

Jessie and Tom at Donovan’s first Open Mic of 2020.

We had our first open mic of 2020 and Donovan’s Pub last night. It was the best turn out yet. Looking forward to a great new year and decade at Donovans.

Christmas Cheer

The Flynns spread some early Christmas cheer and Santa hats at Donovan’s Pub on first Friday. People got in the holiday spirit by singing along with the Christmas songs we played. The Flynns will be at Donovan’s on New Year’s Eve.

Get your Santa hat here!